When buying a car, you need to find a dealership that is reliable and that you can trust. With so many dealerships from which to choose, it can be difficult to know which one can best meets your needs. Follow the tips below to find the right car dealership for you.

Check Online Reviews

The Internet is a great source for reviews from past dealership customers. You may find reviews on the dealership’s website (having a functional website is itself a good sign for a car dealership) and on review sites. A search using your favorite search engine (like Google or Yahoo!) using the dealership’s name and location (city, state) should be enough to find a number of places customers may be talking about the dealership.

So, what are you looking for? You’re not likely to find any car dealership with only glowing reviews. But to find a reliable dealership, positive reviews should far outnumber negative reviews. Plus, the quality of reviews can tell you a lot. Look at what the customer had to say about the experience. Negative reviews may only apply to a specific salesperson (who may not even be working at the dealership anymore) rather than the dealership as a whole.

Talk to Others

Word of mouth goes a long way. Ask friends and family which dealership they use. If you get positive responses, maybe you should check the dealer out for yourself.

Dealership Facilities

Take a look at how the dealership looks:


  • Are the cars clean?
  • Is the lot organized?
  • Is the building clean?
  • Is the landscaping taken care of?


A dealership that cares about its own appearance does so because it cares about the customer experience.

Observe How Staff Treats Customers

When you walk into the dealership, take note of how other customers are being treated.


  • Are their questions being answered?
  • Is the salesperson excited for the customer?
  • Is the salesperson pushy?


You want to deal with a salesperson who is genuinely interested in your needs.

When you know what to look for in a car dealership, you’ll recognize it at Unique Enterprises. Browse our inventory online and contact or visit us to find out how we can help you find the best new-to-you car!